Saturday, May 14, 2011


to me. 
In 1 month.
But, I am just thrilled to have actually proof that I am going to get a diploma. Even if it is just paper.
Whatever. 12 years of wasted effort in some buildings.

And to congratulate myself, i took a "mental health break" on friday (aka: ONE of my senior skip days! Because there aren't any rules that say you can only have ONE. where's the fun in that!?)

(okay, those really aren't my true feelings on public education, but at this very moment on may 14, 2011, it is.)


  1. you have atleast 1 senior skip day a week.....let's be honest! :)I was just thinking yesterday that exactly one month and you will be graced by our presence!

  2. Sydney is shocked that you skipped school. She says, "That's breaking the LAW!!!" Way to set a good example for my daughter. This may be the last blog of yours she reads! (Hah, hah, JK)

  3. HAHHA!!! I'm laughing about what Ondalynn wrote. And Meredith is totally right! Right?

    OK, to be truthful, as badly as I do not want you to gradutate (spelled wrong on purpose) and leave me, I gotta say, you look mighty fine in that graduation cap. Becuase, you know, not everyone does!

  4. How am I suppose to say goodbye...our house will definitely be empty without you!


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