Monday, May 16, 2011

scripture study

In the past couple of months, I have changed. Since all of you that read this little-blog-of-mine, are older and wiser, you might understand the "change" that I have/am experiencing. The one from youth to adulthood. Its difficult, wonderful, hard, inspiring, and challenging all at the same time. It is almost hard to put into words. I have felt this desire to become a "new" me. I ultimately want to strive to be a better person. Most importantly, it has been the best change. And is getting better an better. I began realizing as I was "changing" that I could either choose to take the opportunity to grow and become a better person, or I could choose to be passive and stay in my comfort zone.

I choose to grow.
And I am constantly going to grow.

The Change. I have been a faithful Latter-Day Saint Member my entire life. Born and raised in the Church.
But these past few weeks I have felt like a convert to the gospel. My love and desire have grown exponentially, and I feel like I can not get enough of the truthfulness of the scriptures and the words of the Prophet. I've been spending more hours in the scriptures than I have in my textbooks (well, I've never really studied my text books in the first place, but, you know what I mean).

I know that attending Institute has helped my testimony to grow tremendously. I've immersed myself into everything gospel related, and I have never been happier.

This gospel makes me so happy. I love who I am. I love my purpose in life. I love that through our extremities we come to KNOW Heavenly Father.

So these past few weeks, I have been inquiring of those who I highly respect in the gospel of how to better my Scripture study so I can glean the most from my scriptures.

Now...I ask you, wise mothers, what is something you maybe wished you would have known when you were my age about scripture reading? What is something that you do that is most effective? What has been the best way to organize your scripture journal?

I know your scripture study habits may be personal, but if you have any suggestions or ideas, I would love al the help I can get.

This gospel is always changing me. And I hope I will always be "converting" to the gospel. It is the greatest source of joy, happiness, peace, stability, and love I have in my life.



  1. That was a super sweet testimony. I need to you to stay here and continue to influence my children!

    I am a night owl. I keep my scriptures on my nightstand. I like to read at night, after a long and chaotic day it gives me peace. I sleep better. Henry B. Eyring said, in a stake conference that I attendedin Corvallis, OR, "Read the scriptures till you feel the spirit."

    I have heard a lot of talk about how long you should read, a chapter? 10 minutes? I do try to read till feel the spirit, as that is what makes the biggest difference in my day. Sometimes that happens after one verse, but then I can't put the scriptures down!

  2. What a great post, Emily! I admire you for choosing the higher road as you have reached this crossroad in your life. Scripture study for me changes with the seasons of my life. I encourage you to continue to immerse yourself in the scriptures and the words of the prophets. In the future you may not have the luxury of such uninterrupted time. I have done lots of different things for my scripture studies and maybe I'll send you an email detailing them, but for right now this is what I am doing: I have a paper back copy of the Book of Mormon and a red pencil. Every time I read what the Lord does or says, I highlight it in red. My purpose is to focus on what the Lord DID for the people of old which helps build my faith of what He can and will do for me. Our stake president has challenged us to read the Book of Mormon in six months so I'm focusing solely on the Book of Mormon and I try to fill in the cracks of my day with Conference talks (usually listen to them while doing dishes).

    What a great journey you are on! It only gets better. Enjoy!

  3. I actually just recently started doing my scripture study differently. My sister showed me this blog and I LOVE this idea!

    It's really great and I have found that it makes my scripture study much more effective than before. Good luck! Let me know if you come up with anything good!

  4. Emily, Your testimony is beautiful and I have noticed a change in you. You are happier, more interested in serving others, and always striving to do what's right. I love it! Keep it up! The scriptures will continue to be the foundation for your life. If you keep it that way, you can't go wrong.
    Love you!

  5. With a new baby, my scripture study is sub-par but you inspire me to be better! I am glad you are seeking do seem like you are changing. Keep it up!

  6. You make your "aging" (as opposed to "aged") parents proud and grateful you are enjoying the feast that awaits all of us in the scriptures. Once you hunger and thirst, every day is Thanksgiving. Love, Dad


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