Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the world record for the fast class ever

today is fantastic. which frankly, its not too hard to be fantastic when the sun is shining and you actually have to use the AC button for the first time in 8 months.

last night I got home from a church activity around 9:30, and i was tired, so being the lazy one i am, I just slept in my clothes. I got up this morning, and in the process of dressing for school, i put on sweats. Go figure right?

It was my short day at school (short day=1 class). I didn't bother to put any make up on, or do my hair, or take a second look in the mirror...lets face it, who am i trying to impress at school....no one.

I get to my IB Biology class, only to find a sub, in otherwords, when you see a sub, you run for your life, because there are so many other things you could spend your time doing than be under the non-watchful eye of a sub. his job is so hard, i pity the man.

My brilliant Biology teacher pre-recorded his lecture of notes on his computer so that we could listen and write down what we needed to learn that day. After that was done, we had the rest of class (1 hr and 5 mins) to work on a project. Sure enough, the guy that has our project on his computer wasn't there. So...we had nothing to do.

Thats when i said, screw it, i'm leaving. It was a very thought-out, mechanical process, if you will. I used the back door that leads to a labish/storage room, that leads into another classroom, I walked through that class room, down the hall, down some stairs, out through the doors that would eventually lead me to the parking lot. Brilliant.

So, I went to school for 15 mins today. And I loved it.

I wish i could do that everyday.

I came home. I cleaned. I made meatloaf (HOLLA!). I cleaned more. And than had a school meeting. and went grocery shopping. Ha, and my parents worry about my survival during college....well, that is nonsense!

So....in all, it was a great day. And to make your day even better, watch this awesome movie about spreading kindess and charity all around. Have you ever thought about it...to be kind and charitable is FREE! SO WHY DON'T WE DO IT MORE OFTEN!?

someone catch me, I think i'm going to pass out!


  1. 39 days most likely, I doubt you the rebel would go to your first day of classes.

  2. HAHA!! Good one Meredith! Emily, you crack me up! I am counting down 38 (now 37) days till I am sad beyond compare!!!! I really REALLY don't want you to leave!!!!!!!

  3. 38 days, that is so...not okay. I do not like this, I am going to start a conspiracy with Corinne to thwart your attempt to go to college.


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