Saturday, March 19, 2011

the adventures of a super tourist: day dos

Greetings from D.C.
first off, you need {yes, a necessity} to know that there aren't very many things cooler in this world than D.C. OK that doesn't say alot since I've been sheltered most of my life, but, from what i have experienced in this 18 year old that D.C. is awesomespice.
the kiddos with their favorite auntie em on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial
We than visited the Korean War Memorial. Which was awesome. It was a series of life sized soldier statues of different nationalities who helped served. "Freedom is not Free."One of the coolest parts was the flag precessional they performed with sons of vietnam soldiers. They laid an honorary wreath and played "Taps" on a bugal. 
the gold stars behind us represent those died in WWII. Each star represents 100 soldiers lost. 
than we took a picnic and played a "rough" game of Vance Family Football.
And than we were craving some LOCAL FLAVOR. So we stopped for a burger. Correction. This was not ordinary burger.
it was a HELL burger. Literally. We stopped at "Rays Hell Burger." {you might be interested to know that President Obama took the prime minister from some country there too....} yeah. This place was a hole in the wall. No exaggeration. They shared the same entrance with a mexican restaurant! But holy smokes. I could feel my arteries clogging just by smelling the air from the outside. You get the idea. 
i've never ate a hearty burger before in my entire life.


  1. Did I already mention that I'm so so jealous of you! Julia looks real happy to be sitting next to you in those pictures :)
    I love all the effects you do to the pictures, it looks so cool. I'm so excited to see more pictures!!

  2. Oh, fun! You're making me want a burger. Yummmmm.

  3. AWESOME!!!! And I totally agree. DC is SUPER COOL! It is by far one of my favorite city's. I LOVE it there, enjoy it!

  4. You look so darling in those pictures, Emily!


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