Thursday, March 17, 2011

the adventures of the super tourist: Day 1

Greetings! Today marks the first day on my 11 day journey on the east coast.
I've been in Maryland for nearly 2 hours now, and have already fallen in love with it! (Thanks to this cute family, aka my sister Ondalynn--they are showing me all the must see's of D.C.) So essentially if you have ever been here and want to suggest something...please do.

The run down of Day 1:
1:32 AM finish English paper (on a book I didn't even read...thank you SparkNotes!)
5:34 AM finish paking for the 3rd time (1. exceeded weight limit 2. zipper problems 3. switch suitcase)
7:46 AM wake up
10:48 AM Board plane for Kansas City
4:33 PM Arrive in Kansas City--hot, tiny airport (avoid at all costs....okay, it wasn't that bad...but next time airport...but more than 2 stalls in a girls bathroom, seriously, you should know better).
9:03 PM Final in Baltimore!

tomorrow: ALL D.C. Monuments and White House and anything....because everything is magical in D.C.
(tomorrow i'll post pictures!)

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