Sunday, February 13, 2011

some things i LOVE

In lieu of Valentine's Day single-awareness-day tomorrow, i want to share with you a few things I love. Since, i've been more on the lazy mode lately. My witty-ness is pretty much out of commission.

books I LOVE:

p&p: obviously, thats a given. anything Jane Austen I swoon over. hands down.
hunger games: addicting. this series is different than anything i've read, but for some reason i love it.
to kill a mockingbird: best school classic i've ever read. and i adore scout and atticus.

movies i LOVE:

YGM: this movie just makes me smile. maybe its just because i love anything Meg Ryan. And because of this movie, it makes me want to own a book shop someday.
WYWS: could this be any more hilarious? and in so many ways i feel my family relates to them. crazy grandma, awkward siblings. oh its just the most need-to-see movie ever.
MoOD: I love this Hallmark. Its a tender love story and how it develops from beginning to end. I love everything that Ray does for Libby. This also makes me want to live on a farm someday.

AofGG: I want to be like Anne, with an E, that is. And i'm crossing my fingers for my own Gilbert Blythe someday. i wish i lived at Avonlea. 
W&D: This 5 hr classic is worth every min. Once again, Roger Hamely has me swooning over him. And molly, who doesn't love her? She is so sweet and innocent, and i love the relationship between her and her father.
N&S: Mr. Thorton. Hands down, makes my heart melt like butter on bread. I love him. I love Margarets firmness of character, but I love how over time they both get over their pride and prejudice and see the good in each other. I never get sick of this movie. In fact I watched it 4 times in one weekend.

people i LOVE:

my family!!!
now, enough about me! What do you love!?


  1. this is so adorable! i love it what a great idea! you are too cute! thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, it makes my day! ps, i am your newest follower!

  2. i love your blog!
    it's so cute and fun! :)


  3. I haven't even seen one of those movies! What the heck is wrong with me? I must be missing out on some good entertainment.
    Did you make your parents Valentine's dinner? If you did, you are the sweetest thing ever! Seriously you must be like a dream child.
    I totally have the same chairs in my kitchen by the way.

    P.S. I watched a bit of Pride and Prejudice in English today and I thought of you. :)

  4. looks like your mashed potatoes worked out! I bet they were yummy!! Did you really watch N&S 4x in a weekend? that's a 4 hour movie?!
    happy v-day...thanks for remembering when we got engaged. but it was 7 years not 6. :)

  5. Uh - Yeah, so I could copy and paste all those movies and stuff onto my blog! But you already knew that! I love this post! You are awesome! Happy single awareness day!


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