Monday, February 7, 2011

monday me, and a side of jo jo's

Hello. Fancy seeing you there. Just in case you forgot...I still exist in this grand place called earth. 
The blogging life was put on hold due to the "old things" being out of who was going to take pictures of myself? i know right. {oh i crack myself up}

But...I thought it'd be time for alittle get to know me, aka the fancy pants behind this blog.

I am highly and perpetually addicted to cereal. I blame this trait on my father who taught us to read the newspaper and pour ourselves a bowl of cereal every night at 11pm before going to bed. It only makes sense that i follow through with this tradition on a daily basis.

Every time I go to do the grocery shopping at WinCo I treat myself to .50 cents of jo jo's. Like today. Mmm....let me clean up my drolling real quick. Ironically, I stood there eating them while i browsed a weightloss magazine....go figure.

There is one thing that scares me beyond belief. Driving with the doors unlocked. Sure, I'm a bit paranoid but what if i'm the highway and my door just decides to fly out. That scares me. Or if i'm at an intersection with a red light, and a bum hops in my car. See, now you are going to lock your doors too.

Okay. So now, what is something I don't know about you?

{p.s. i don't have a tumor in my leg...its just my cell phone...}
"Come what may and love it."---Joseph B. Wirthlin


  1. One of my favorite conference talks is that of Joseph B. Wirthlin's. Such an inpsiration!

  2. I want to see your Valentines card when your done with it! K? K.
    (I'm holding you to that by the way. :)
    What are Jo Jo's? I feel extremely left out that I've never heard of these before.
    Hm, something about me? I currently have a crush on a kid in my seminary class. He has SUCH a strong testimony too so it's kind of awesome. :) haha, random enough for you?

  3. I'm a cereal addict too! I eat it twice a day at least. I love every kind too which is good and bad I suppose. Thank you so much for your comment it's So cool your from Oregon like me :)

  4. ba ha ha ha i totally have the same "Bum Fear" :) lock those doors!!!

  5. So, first of all, I LOVE your blog. It’s so adorable! And second…well, this is going to sound really random and weird. Ready for this? So one time, my friend and her mom were at an intersection with a red light, and this really, really big lady opened up the door to their car and got in! She was practically sitting on my friend, and asked them if they could take her somewhere. They were scared out of their minds…so they drove her to where she needed to go. And now they always say "Lock you doors for fat ladies!" hahaha. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    -CasiDee Clement
    PS: Are you from Oregon? Because I am too! :)


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