Friday, February 18, 2011

a fine frenzi

Hold the phone. I know you were probably thinking of the amazing music artist "a fine frenzy", but i hate to disappoint you. 

I'm talking about a different frenzi!

Yes.. YUM is right. Just the THOUGHT of it made my mouth drool. I am noticing that that{the drooling part of food} is definitely a motif in my lift. 
This frenzi place is identical to a yocream, etc, but this one is on the same street as my school {read: when i decide to skip school to satisfy my senioritis--which i tell mom its for a "mental health break" purpose}...i'll be sitting here, on that white chair, feet propped, and enjoy my non-fat frozen yogurt.

speaking of food, for histories sake, i rised and shined at 6AM on a non-school day {no, no holiday, my schools just so poor they have to close school down 2 times a month--trust me, i'm NOT complaining :)}  to eat breakfast with some real old people {like 4 times my age old}. But hey, it was free, so thank you dear Gresham Kiwansis Early-Risers Club. :)

I'm off for Seattle tomorrow for an All-Northwest Convention for choir. Is it bad that this is such an honor...and i don't want to go. Oh well. 

For the record, I am, as of today, officially hooked to Grey's Anatomy!
Please say there are other addicts out there with me!?

peace and love.


  1. YUM!! I love the look of the you got my mind on icecream. I will go devour my rocky road right now....thanks a lot

  2. It always makes me hungry to read your blogs. Funny how so many of them revolve around food :) Can't blame you though, food is good mental therapy for me too!

  3. Em's, when are you going to take me there? Maybe payment for all those photos! Love ya!

  4. That looks so that really on the same street as GHS? Everything was so trashy when I was the Grotto still across the street? Yum! Does this mean you can eat more than fat boys these days...hope your jaw is doing better.


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