Monday, February 28, 2011

a celebratory weekend

alright, alright, i'll get off my high horse now from the celebration wagon. but it was fun while it lasted. so friends, thanks for letting me gloat.
now, i'm attemepting to get back to one of the reasons and sole purpose of this blog. a bit of fashion. i like to dabble in fashion from time to time. And i have self entitled myself as the family Julia's woman of approval for her clothes (for the record, i usually approve since she's wearing my clothes most of the time.) 
{everything thrifted, earrings F21}

So...from now on, i'll be pretending that i know how to wear fashion. I like to fake it til i make it. 
And until i see anything but rain i might venture outside to take a few pictures with my new camera.
Any ideas on what I should name my new baby?

For some more interesting news....
i tried my hand at some baking. Be excited.

These weren't no ordinary cupcakes. Thanks to my friend, Julie, who made them and brought them to our Biology class, {it was definitely the cupcakes that made me ace the test!} they have brownies in them too. Brownies & cake mix. It was like heaven in your hands. Friends try it. 
I may or may not have had alot of them. 
But once you've made them, than you won't be judging me for how many I ate.

p.s. I broke the law. I wore stripes and polka dots today. And this sweater out of my momma's closet. 
So i'm doing my civic duty and posting it up on clothed much's blog.


  1. Your cupcakes were a hit last night at the meeting.

  2. Are you going to post the recipe? I'm curious to try it out.....

  3. the cupcakes look adorable and yummy!
    i love baking too... cupcakes and brownies are my fave <3

  4. Those cupcakes look amazing!

    Nice job :-)


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