Wednesday, March 9, 2011

living, peachy, and cheescake

as hard as it is to believe that my dad and i have managed to live (breathe & eat collectively) for three full days without my mom. sure, don't ask what my room/bathroom look like, but otherwise...we are still alive {for the most part.} so far we haven't had any traumatic experiences like last time. {don't forget, last time mom left, dad and i collectively lost 8 pounds.}

in the mean time....i made this. Yes, because we all know cooking is the last thing i can do.
They are homemade cheesecakes. simple. graham crackers with vanilla yogurt or creemcheese and some jam. bon apete. delish my friends. try it. technically in my books this is acceptable to eat, because i have given up SWEETS for Lent! Although I am not catholic or ever plan to be....I figure stretching ourselves in life is good, and so why not everyone suffer together! So this is my justification for not a sweet.

on the other hand. We've gotten by on leftovers for the said three days...and we're doing great!

so chow for now!
p.s. for lent i was thinking of going without exercise, but than i realized that wouldn't be qualified as a sacrifice since i don't really do it in the first place! :)

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  1. Sorry I stole your cook, photographer and maid. So, I guess I shouldn't tell you all the things we are eating while she is here! :)


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