Friday, February 25, 2011

this is the best week of my entire existence

this has been the best week of my life on so many levels.
a. i went to the temple. that puts me in the best mood immediately.
b. i went to institute.

but after institute i drove home to look on line to see that......


This was a dream come true! I've been wanting to go to BYU since I came out of my mothers womb. Seriously. 
My cousin, friend and mother all knew that i was accepted before i was!
Since I was at institute, my cousin called me to say that she didn't see my name in the  "byu directory", and so to me that meant I hadn't been accepted (turns out she just spelt my name wrong when looking m up). So i started crying as I drove home. I had been expecting to get rejected this whole time, so it was bearable, but I was still disappointed. So when I came home, I told my mom not to bother to even come in the room with me to check if I had been accepted since I was expecting the rejection. So with my heart pounding, i made a few clicks on the computer, and it popped up. When I read "admitted" on the screen, my mind read it as "rejected". My heart sank, I looked again, and than I read it correctly. "ADMITTED." I almost died. I started bawling and hugging my mother so tightly I think I squeezed all the air out of her. I have never cried-screamed-hugged so much in my life as that moment. This truly is a miracle that I made it in. But I am so grateful to be attending the Harvard of the West! 

But some even greater news....
BYU called me today concerning a scholarship I filled out in the beginning of Feb. I'll spare you the details, but I almost didn't apply for it because I was certain I wasn't going to get accepted to BYU. I got home late from work, I didn't feel like doing it, I couldn't figure out where the link was to submit it, the list goes on. Yet, Lynette kept encouraging me to do it. So i busted it out in about an hour and turned it in. And rewarded myself to Pride & Prejudice afterwards. 
Little did I know how valuable that hour was spent.

(ie half tuition!)

sorry for gloating....but this has just been the best week of my life. keeps getting better, my camera came! 
(here are a few favorite pictures)


  1. This week WAS huge for you! CONGRATS again! I like to think that because you found out you got accepted on Evelyn's birthday that my daughter is a good luck charm.....just saying :)

  2. Happiness is definitely the best label for this! Wow what an amazing week! You're amazing BUBS! Too bad I won't see you in Idaho :( I'll miss ya but I'm glad your dream came true! love ya!

  3. Fantastic, Ems!! We're so happy for you! Love the shot of Baltimore on the map! :)

  4. Congratulations!! You were destined to be a Cougar!!!

  5. YAY! Congratulations Emily!!!!!!!!!
    Also, I haven't checked you blog in a bit (I'm remedying that and adding it to our sidebar FINALLY) and you are SO cute and SO SO SO well dressed! Please come visit and dress me. I think everyone who has seen me lately would thank you.
    (Like you even think Dallin would write something like that?)

  6. I've NEVER seen you so excited and happy in your life! Way to go, Emily!

  7. Oops! The above comment was from your Mom. I posted while logged into your email by mistake.

  8. This is so insanely exciting! I just got accepted there too! We'll both be going there! :D I just stumbled upon your blog via Elain's directory! Hope we can meet each other :)



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