Sunday, January 2, 2011

a new challenge

I've been inspired. 
I have a new challenge I'm up to.
Since most of my New Years Resolutions are kind of unpractical, I've decided to re-think my NYR and commit to something....unique.

I'm going to do a  365-Hymn-a-day Challenge.
I know, there are only 341 Hymns, but the last 20ish days will be playing Christmas Hymns over again.

Yesterday was: The Morning Breaks
today: The Spirit of God

Objective: capable of playing every hymn in the hymn book by the end of 2011.
{dress: Salvation Army--refashioned, Belt: Sal. Army, tights: K-mart, shoes: Salvation Army (see here)}

Happy Sunday. In case you have nothing to do tonight....and you live in Oregon
CHECK THIS OUT. So excited.


  1. I have a few comments to share:

    1) I think I'm going to do the challenge with idea
    2)your date bothers me. By the look of it, I thought it was my birthday.
    3) Cute outifit, I'm impressed by what you can find at Salvation Army. Why do you like that place better than Goodwill?
    4) Can I ask who takes all those pictures of you?

  2. @meredith

    1. half of the idea was inspired by you, because one day you told me you wanted to be able to play all the hymns before your wedding.
    2. i like my date. its unique.
    3. salvation army has 50% off everything days about 2 times a week.
    (i've found 2 different $100 for $3. Thats why i shop at Sals.)

  3. Great deal at Salvation Army Em! Love the pictures of you too. Who took them? Good luck with the challenge-thats pretty cool.

  4. does that dress come to your knees?!?!?!

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