Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the bird show: in the kitchen

i was pretty sure i was going to have nothing to blog about today. But I started practicing the piano...
 {in sweats, long sleeve shirt, t-shirt, ski coat, ear cover-uper, scarf, personal heater....you get my drift. pun intended....anyways, it made me think of last winter when I was doing my homework, just about looking the same}

{notice middle picture: wearing gloves with finger holes cut so i could type...yeah it was that bad. I think dad tries to always convince us that it's cool to be like George Bailey, and live in a "drafty old house"....but i'm not buying it.} 

Nothing seemed too unusual until mother was like "oh my gosh, we have a bird in the house."

me: "say what?"
dumbfounded and actually unwilling to believe her, until it flew across the living room.

me: "RUN! get my camera! I've to document this!" 
than I started yelling..."come here birdie..." 
who am i? Its not a dog!

so from the kitchen to the living room it went. Hiding in our artificial trees, yeah, good luck trying to make a nest in that. And pecking at our decor wreaths. And trying to get into the opened cupboards. I am pretty sure my flash was scaring the daylights out of him. (sorta pun intended, geez, i'm good today.)

and if you don't believe. i've provided proof for all of you.

"its a bird, its a plane....no it really is a bird."

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  1. I'm glad the bird provided you with blog worthy material! This reminded me of one morning when I went to drive the NOVA and found a dead bird in the passenger seat...maybe it was his relative :)


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