Thursday, January 6, 2011

the glitz

I feel glamorous usually on Sundays. When I wear colored tights or feel my hair bounce on my back. And i apply eye shadow. Just on Sundays. I feel glamorous when I thumb through Vogue pattern books, or when I braid my hair up on my head. Or when I hear the soft click of heels on a hard wood floor. I feel glamorous under the city lights as i walk across the parking lot in the night. 

I like feeling glamorous.

I feel average when I wear my Birkenstocks to school. When I wear my wool socks and wool gloves, because it makes me smile inside. I feel average when I thrift. Or when I wear my knock-off Ray Bans.
I feel average when I watch Jane Austen movies, and sigh with disappointment that I can never been one of her characters in her novels. Or when I practice the piano and hear my neighbors turn their radio increasingly louder and louder. I feel average most of the time.

And I like feeling average too.

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  1. I feel glamorous when I have Evelyn's snot and leftovers of her sticky hand on my shirt. You should try it, you would feel glamorous too :)

    ps what inspired this blog post?


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