Friday, January 7, 2011

i'm gonna be honest #1

cereal is ten times better with walnuts.
full house re-runs never get old.
scramabled eggs are never tasty, soggy in fact.
utah air smells funny, but i'll have to live with it.
anatomy and physicology stikes my fancy, history on the other hand...
sugar cookies only taste good on Christmas Eve.
assigned reading is always better after class.
knock off Oreo's are always disgusting and its not worth the .05 cents saved.
And any Classic Period Drama like Jane Austen of Elizabeth Gaskell can fix any bad day.

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  1. I totally agree about sugar cookies at Christmas time and about knock off oreos.
    Utah airs smells funny? I guess I haven't been out of utah enough to tell. I love to put crushed almonds in everything, you should try it. But whenever I do put walnuts in my yogurt or cereal, I think of you! :)

    ps. like the new look.

  2. Emily, I've been reading through all your posts, and I just want to say, that I love you and I think you are the best. I hope Emma is just like you when she grows up. You make me smile.


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