Saturday, January 8, 2011

give a virtual hello to julia!


hello from Jacobs Lake! We got to talk to julia for a bit {usually up ALL the cabins limited internet!}but it was worth it! We miss her...but she is loving it down there. She's been training in the gift shop, waitressing, office work, the whole nine yards. Each night all the employees get together for some sort of game or activity. Although, on Saturday nights---its Sunday School.

so. julia's face is the peak of our excitement for today.

I said goody-bye to my last "real food" meal! thats right. I will be drowning myself in all LIQUIDS. not by choice...but with jaw problems, wisdom teeth coming in full force, and a sore throat mean...i don't get to eat real-delicious-lucious-yummy-food until who knows how long.
so i'm extremely open to any kind of yummy liqified recipes you have. i'll need them.

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