Monday, January 10, 2011

i still love my ducks, kind of

 The Oregon Ducks made it to the National Championship. We've never won the national title. Ever. So this is big news. Stores in Eugene were shut down early, parking lots in Gresham were E-M-P-T-Y. The whole state of Oregon was tuned into this one event. (don't you just love our world these days!? so obsessed over a game with a ball.) I admit, I was pretty into it. Dad, Mom and I watched it at the Institute with the YSA for Home Evening. (for the record...I was the ONLY girl that sat and watched the game. The rest of the girls were giving back massages to each other, eating or playing ping pong in the back of the room.) Girls theses days....i tell ya.

What I realized from this game: How much I hate CAM NEWTON and FAIRLEY. I wish you could have just seen the last 4 mins of the game. Score: 19-11, Auburn in the lead. Oregon miraculously scores, than instead of a field goal for 1point, they go for a 2-point conversion. They make it. (beautiful sight). Than Auburn gets the ball, some how runs it the the 30 yard line. Than they throw it on the second down. Auburn guy ROLLS over the defender (Oregon), without letting his knee touch the ground, gets us, freezes thinking he's touched the ground than his whole team is yelling and telling him to keep running. So he does. And makes it to the 5 yard line or something like that. Anyways. Game over at this point. They make a field goal with 2 seconds left in the game. And they become National Championships.

I'm considering not going to school tomorrow I am so disappointed.

but, i still love my ducks because....we actually made it to the Championship game!

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  1. I know I was dying last night! But I felt it was Auburn's game. I still don't like Fairley and the other guy on the team who purposely made the duck player's face bleed and shoved james' head after the whistle...ugh. it was funny though today a family came in all decked out in auburn attire and were talking about being at the game. my friend and i were tempted to say, "we have the right to refuse service to Auburn fans." :) oh well I guess there's always next year...


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