Friday, January 14, 2011

wishful thinking

most days i wish i could live down this alley.
it would make me smile all the time. but no, i have calculus tests i fail, 
and assemblies i have to sit through. 
not to mention, the five hamsters that sit on my biology table 
{you think i'm kidding...but i'm not.}
oh well, this too shall pass.
or thats what i tell myself. 

on a better note, three claps for a three day weekend.
and...away from the "old things" for a day? {goody}
so here is to a weekend of sleep
{something i gave up on this week}
and homework
{another thing i gave up on this week}

and....did you hear the news....
{oh i guess you will have to wait until tomorrow for that...sorry}

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