Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my weakness

Can you believe Julia Lewis is actually posting? I can't believe it either...ok so after BYU's victorious game, I've concluded that my first son will be named Jimmer. Another thing I realized(well I've known for a while but I'm realizing I need some major help in this) is that I cannot contain my emotions, frustrations, all of the above during a game. It's really bad. I get all haughty and think I know everything about basketball. I'm even rude to my coworker sitting next to me and correct him on what goaltending is. Luckily I contained my emotion when he kept complimenting the other team on their nice passes and shots but barely made any comments about BYU except that Jimmer was their team (but Jimmer is no Kobe Bryant let me tell you!) I was about to be like "what team are you really rooting for?" He even goes to BYU but still loves the Utes-that is one thing I'm not sure how it works in the brain but somehow it does with his....anyway can you tell I'm a little passionate about this one? And yes I still drink Reliv but I may die young of a heart attack. These games are not good for my health. Any advice?


  1. Julia, julia, juia. congratulations on your firs post in like 5 months

    (you totally got the naming of the first child from hilary!) ha ha

    Can you believe I was at institute instead of this game? I thought for sure they were going to cancel institute for it. or have some sort of live stream going on the radio....where are the true BYU fans in OR!

  2. I am so glad to hear your passion for BYU sports!!! Loved your post. I only watched half of the game, but heard all about it from Gary. Way to go BYU! As they say, "The Astecs got Jimmered!" Hope you're having fun in St. George!

  3. This is why we're friends. You. Are. Hilarious. Don't ever change. Reading your post made me happy. :)

  4. Yes, I agree...Jimmer is such a good, clean player and NOT a ball hog. Love you passion for must get that from Grandma Smith.


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