Tuesday, January 25, 2011

oh my life right now.

do you see this....i MADE it....with my bare hands.

it was Friday night. emily had a really hot date. oh wait, scratch that. I was home, with momsie and popsie in my sweats and salvation army ugly sweater that i wore for my ugly sweater party. when mom returned from the grocery store, she ordered me to make homemade pizza. i'm pretty sure she said it would be good for me. so after neglecting the responsibility for 2 hours, i decided to look up a recipe. how come no one told me the dough needed to rise for a total of 2 hours! so in the process of making it, i decided that making it rise twice must be some minor technicality, so i skipped the step and went forward. when i came to another step i was unsure about, i called mom, no answer, i called meredith, no answer (really, I called them multiple times hoping the more and more i called they would answer.) no luck. so i bet on my lucky stars and kept working on the pizza. and voila!  it didn't turn out too bad! it wasn't papa johns worthy status, but it was definitely edible. and to me, if its edible, than theres nothing wrong with it. that might explain why i've ate this pizza everyday for the past five days. and i decided to go back to my elementary school days and dip it in ranch. and despite what you may think, i will never go back. it was so good. in fact, it might be what that pizza needed--especially for the crust. so, three claps for emily for attempting to be domestic and getting over her fears of cooking! college, should be a cinch!

finals update: 3 down, 3 to go. I should be lucky to get 3 A's this semester due to my recent lack of motivation. but...to leave you with a good quote for the day. 

"Buid you lives on a foundation of truth and righteousness. It is the only foundation that will stand the pressures of this life and endure through the eternities."

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  1. the great thing about pizza is that usually you can't mess it up...we had pizza Friday night, too, but we used our skookie pans and made pan pizzas...you should try that sometime. Yum!

  2. So Impressed!! I'm having a hard time finding the perfect homemade pizza crust....which recipe did you use?

  3. I love homemade pizza!! It looks pretty darn good too!

  4. Can I put you in charge of dinner when you come to stay??! Thanks, Em!

  5. I love how you said "minor technicality" for the dough. Do you know what that reminds me of? Garfield's Thanksgiving :) haha is that what you were thinking of?


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