Thursday, January 27, 2011

this is what it looks like to be on drugs

attractive eh? I thought so too. In fact, this swelling face is just about red carpet worthy. So. I. Emily. Lewis. Did. It. I made it through the surgery of getting my wisdom teeth extracted. When you say it like that, in words, it doesn't seem that bad. But, it felt like H-E-Double Toothpicks. It's been about four hours since I left the dentist office and I'm still numb. I went to Scott Hansen, step dad of Janelle (my sister in law) and one of my best friends, Elise Otteson. I was kind of nervous, especially since I knew I just bombed my IB Bio Final 20 minutes previous. But they started numbing me, and I just closed my eyes when i saw the needle heading for my mouth. Such a weird feeling, my jaw felt so heavy! But after like ten minutes when the numbing fully kicked in, I was like this is great, so they sat me up and put two shots in my arms and usually shots don't bother me, but i was just smiling the whole time--what ever was in me was working. Than they immediately starting pushing on the teeth--it didn't hurt, it was just a ton of pressure. The top two came out, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. But since the bottom two were impacted it was really painful. I almost started crying. There was so much pressure, he was having to hold on to my jaw at times. hurt so bad. Now the recovering is painful. And when I smiled for the first time, blood came dripping out...that was attractive. And when I eat, about half of the contents either ended up on my lap (staining my pants) or on the table. And I've been writing everything I want to say out on paper. I realized this is the first time where I've actually shut up in my life. And mom and dad are more than enjoying this peace and quiet they've never experienced. Me, being the last child, is like having 3 children still at home with the amount of noise and messes I make. And you guys think I'm kidding...but I'm not. :) So, I'm off to Deas (local diner) to grab a Peanut Butter chocolate milkshake with Ariana, one of my best friends. Its a very appropriate celebratory outing for wisdom teeth and finals over!

-love the chipmunk cheeked girl

(good news, mom is leaving right now to get me some Vicodin!)


  1. ah work! Lovely experiences....may you never have to have a root canal. Wisdom teeth are rough, too. Do you want to know what happened the day I got mine out: Ondy got her mission call and the next day our family went camping on the beach. I felt so yucky...I just stayed in the tent and ate pudding after pudding. Good luck with recovery!

  2. You don't look like a chipmunk at all. Just wait until tomorrow or Saturday, maybe they will be bigger.....then it's really attractive.
    That's funny about A-A's comment because the next day after getting my wisdom teeth pulled we went to the beach too. Do you remember that trip when I looked like a super stuffed chipmunk?? Gotta love it. Well you did it! Good job

  3. okay, you are FAR from chipmunk status :) I just found your blog, and i love it! cute cute outfits.


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