Saturday, January 1, 2011

how i rang in the new year

in the cold. on my couch. fireworks in the background. peppermint hot chocolate. north and south. a quilt. and my fancy shamncy braids. solitude. 

I was pretty content with how I spent the final moments of 2010. 
{humor me, okay? and look at my braids. i'm loving my hair like this...even though i get not so nice looks, i'm indifferent about what others think}


  1. We missed ringing in the new year with you. We didn't even bang pots and pans? pathetic huh?

  2. glad we had four pictures of you on New Years...I don't know what we would have done with only 1!

  3. i know right????I did it just for you A-A!
    i know. I wasn't so keen to banging pots and pans...I figured since i was the only one home, I wouldn't have done the job justice by myself!


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