Friday, December 31, 2010

where did twenty-ten go? I remember last new years eve perfectly like it was last month. i spent that enjoyable night on the couch with my senior-citizen parental units...with the most enthusatic voice you one could muster "5...4...3...2...1...happy new year, I'm going to bed." yepo. thats just about how it went.
goodybye 2010
i'll miss the final year of being a teen, with no responsibilities (yeah right!), freedom, no bills to pay, school to skip, yesh, it was a great year. 

{toured San Fransisco for the first time, and saw Alcatraz--prison that was overtaken by Indians in the 60's and 70's (i did my final--15 pg-- research paper on it May!)}
{OREGON GIRLS STATE: yes, for my summer, I went to a government camp for 1 week. pictures above show my "county" doing the flag ceremony, best friends there: Taylor Reiter (advanced to Girls Nation) and Hilary Sinner.
{my last COUSINS CAMP/EFY....2010 was the Lewis Plague--everyone got the flu in one week!}
Attendees: Jasmin, Harrison, Alejandra, me, Myreel, Lynette, Hunter, Madeline, Lorenzo

{my 1st plane ride! (boarded plane 20 secs after I arrived to my terminal---that was scary.), went to Camp Fife and COPE course (BSA challenge courses with the cousins), and got extremely sunburned at the Lewis Family Reunion (only the lewis' have dead deer in their cabin!)
{Recieved 1st place for the Freedom Run (sorta!) and The Optimist Student of the Month}

{Crismon Lewis Family Reunion, all of us together at one time in 4 years}

{being the aunt at Grandpa Smiths Funeral, and touring University of Minnesota with Preston}

{mt. rushmore with Seth & Tiffany's family! we managed to get a picture where no one was throwing up in!}

{GIRLS CAMP: at Camp Alpine. Served as YCL President, with Elise, Cambria, and Stacie as counselors.}

Okay, thats enough, 2010 was one of the best years yet. :)
2011 will be even better because I'm going to COLLEGE!!!

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