Thursday, December 16, 2010

two thumbs up

two thumbs up for the start of Christmas break. this is finally my last Christmas break in high school. gosh, that sounds nice. but today ended with a bang. last night was our "winter" choir concert, that left me totally tired+exhausted and the combination of that with senioritis= emily not opening her history binder or not even reading a single page of Macbeth. I know...I know what you're thinking. real classy.

things that have made me so happy about the holidays:
-that customers sing along with the music at salvation army in the aisles next to me.
-that a family in my ward has reindeer antlers and a red nose on their car.
-that my old math class has a christmas tree with lights everywhere and sprayed snow on windows. ah....
-eating 2 donuts in 2 different classes.
-in my IB music theory class....we were doing nothing. so my friend and I slipped out of class without him noticing to go up to said math class and partake in their heavenly goodness. they had a buffet of holiday treats while they made gingerbread houses/decorated cookies and watched elf. it was lovely.
-I left IB music again to go to my english class room and come back to find the room completely dark. slightly confused I look again and see that the teacher is battling a student over a football video game {very similar to techno superbowl}
-yeah, i pretty much love the last day of school.

{best thing ever: I don't have to go to school until next year! And I'm hoping to do some of this during winter break-ski!}
I love this picture of Utah, taken by the most amazing, inspiring Kelle Hampton (non-lds) who was interviewed by BYU-tv, as part of their collection of documenting inspiring people who do good and share good. Kelle has a DS baby, who is so precious, and her blog focuses on enjoying the simple things in life. Hence her blog title Enjoying the Small Things.


  1. your last day was pretty much a waste, sounds like

  2. I agree with momma. Don't you love days like that though?!!


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