Monday, December 20, 2010

stupidity at its finest: from sister 1

Julia and I were thinking about all the stupid things I've done this year. And one of the most hilarious events went "un-blogged" about--so humor me and listen to what I have to say.

This year has been a year of first, cliche, I know, but its actually true. 1st plane ride, 1st time across the Mississippi, you get my drift. So, to keep my rhythm going I decided to sign up for my first 5k run. Not bad, right? Well even better, I signed up knowing full well that I hadn't ran in about 4 months...ish. Who does that? Oh, yeah, me. I signed up for Provo's Freedom Run Festival that occurs the day after July 4th. Its a huge event, drawing in over 3,000 people hailing from all over the country. So the night before the race, I was pumped...for about an hour, and than I got an unmentionable sickness (tmi for this blog--so i leave it up to your imagination). I was all sorts of disappointed, but at 11pm I had this genius idea, why not have my brother (read that as: incredibly serious cross country runner who will kill for first place) run in place of me? Although I registered in the 16-19 year old women's division...I was sure it wouldn't matter. 

It didn't matter until they were announcing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and to Crismon's surprise he heard, 1st place winner from Gresham, OR...Emily Lewis. Crismon tried getting another girl to go up and receive the prize--but every girl wouldn't. So he just went and said he was collecting it for his sister.(see prize below in picture).

(this is where it gets good)

It had to be the funniest story as Lewis's we've ever been able to tell. Until I was en route to Minnesota and I sat in a tiny wood cabin about 1 week after the race to receive an email from the director of the race, stating that a male crossing the finish line was wearing my bib number and zip tie and if I could explain this mis-communication. 

I just about died.

I frantically wrote back it wasn't intention for my brother to win, and I explained the whole situation. Thankfully, him being LDS, he wasn't too upset. But I got a bit scared for a day. It also required me to ship my "first place" trophy back to Provo after it was sent with my mom to Oregon. And even better, I got sent a letter from the director sent to all Woman runners in the race saying that I was DQ. Classy.

So, the diagnosis of this predicament:
 $20 to register (but hey, free shirt, bib #, medal). 
$8 to ship that stupid thing back. 
Awesome story to tell=priceless.

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