Wednesday, December 22, 2010

what he said...

Across the dinner table, comments were thrown back and forth on Crismon's lack of ability to do the living essentials while away at college (such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry).Hence, this conversation came up saying all he has ate this past semester are sandwiches, because he can't cook anything else. I know you're are thinking, 'look who's talking' but I'm doing much better. I guess having no ability to do these things runs in the family, since I've never seen daddio make a single item of food, or do any laundry. I told him he cannot complain anymore about dirty laundry while mom's away because he doesn't know how to do it himself.

The other day in our scurry to get the house cleaned up, mom asked dad to retrieve the blanket from the dryer. After Dad laid the blanket out on the bed, he found an unfamiliar rectangle stuck to the blanket. Confused as dad was, he took it to mom (the all-knowing one), gently held it in his hands and inquired what it was.
"Look! I pulled Crismon's blanket out of the dryer and look what came out! What is is!?"

dad...still thinking. "could it be from the dryer?"
mom..."yes, its a dryer sheet."
dad...hmm. (walks away)

Mom tells this to us at dinner. We laughed.*

*read: doubled over in pain we were laughing so hard. Of course we now have rights to give dad a hard time anytime laundry comes up.

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  1. Considering I just discovered your blog, just now, this was THE PErFECT post to start on.

    my stomach is sore from laughing.


    I love the Lewis family.


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