Monday, December 13, 2010

i'm legal now, and proud of it.

Dec. 5 marked my day of birth--and the wonderful 18 years i've been here to torture and love you all. :) Actually, we should probably all thank mom for that, afterall, she was the one to give birth to me. You all remember my birth much better than me, i'm sure...but all i know was that there was a significant snow/ice storm that Oregon had ever seen. Perhaps, it was a sign of my birth. That would make sense.... anyways. I am so happy to be here, especially the youngest and i am just loving life. What made my birthday so great (despite being home alone most of the day...and not opening a SINGLE card from any of my siblings *cough* cough*or any presents because mom was out of town.)

Vivienne-my great sister puts you all to shame. She was the sweetest to take me out to Truffle Hunter. The restaurant that has such a historic significance in our town. It has been there since the 1800 ish (okay more 1900's, but still). It was so delicious. That was the third day in a row I had ate out somewhere and that was by far the best food I have ever had in a long time. The sandwhichs were huge. I had never seen or ate one so big. Than, they brought out their dessert platter...and my mouth just watered alittle bit thinking about it...but just try to imagine heaven on a platter (various chocolate cakes, pies, crisps, everything!) When Vivienne convinced me to get one to split, she said, "come on its your birthday" than thats what prompted the waitress to bring me a candle and light it for me. It was so great! :) (even better side note, our waitress was my middle school secretary--who DEFINITELY remembred me...5 years later...just sayin.)

2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Party-this is probably the highlight of my friends and I winter. Instead of explaining every detail i'll share pictures.

three claps for me. (first I just wanted to show my 2 gifts to myself! first clap: these printed tights that i love second clap: vintage suede navy blue shoes from salvation army. I found them on line at urban outifitters for $40 in the same color-although they are out now...but i got mine for $4!) third clap: Check out that huge sandwhich--yep the very one from truffle hunter. Thanks viv. 
Last satuday when I was all alone and the tree was needing some trimmin...I got all the christmas boxes down from the garage and blasted some j-i-n-g-l-e tunes. I was feeling very "while you were sleeping-ish" being all alone. So needless to say, I put on my largest oversized grey sweater, bun on the top of my head, and sweats. All that was missing was a cat and dipping oreos in the milk. :)

 {HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY TO ME!} I spent most of the day webcamming with family and talking on the phone. The rickers were nice enough to let me eat dinner-cake-ice cream with their family. Than...the jensen's (bishops family--I just adore them) made sweet rolls for me (and i literally almost fell over and died they were so good).

  {ugly sweater party} scratching our first lotto tickets as 18 years old---and look who won a dollar. bingo!
{chummy, michael, alex, emily, julie, allie, fabian}

and its always tradition to play the chocolate game...which usually ends up like attacking the table to eat every piece of chocolate I can.

brownies. not your typical birthday "cake" but i loved it. and we lacked candles so we did matches as candles and used just enough to have 9 candles total (6*3=18...good enough in my books)

It was a great birthday! Unfortunatly...this means I have responsibilities...but I am so excited. I am pretty much a college girl now!

thanks for all the birthday wishes. and as for the bet Meredith and I made on how many birthday wishes I would get on facebook. 
emily's estimate: 33
merediths estimate: 39

facebook total: 86

i guess people love me? 


  1. I've been so meaning to call you for your birthday (since only left a message b/c you were too busy with friends_. Gary said he was even going to be nice to you...but only on Dec 5th so it's too bad you didn't answer that day! I would have liked to see that myself!
    Vivienne does rock! Sorry the rest of us are so lame. Love your pictures, Ems.

  2. So do you feel rebellious when you bought the lotto ticket? Wow! This year has been a year of rebellion huh? I won't mention the other boughten items......jk
    Love the tights. WIsh I had them.


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