Monday, December 13, 2010

Anything lovely or of good report...

Last week I did this "no facebook" thing for a week and I really liked it. I guess if I go back to using facebook the only thing I would want to use it for is to share the Gospel because I realize how little I share on spiritual things. Anyway here is just a few talks that I've studied this semester that have really hit me. I'm in the process of reading a bunch more but if you ever need something good to study, here are just a few. I got most of these off BYU tv where you can search BYU Devotionals and then you can search the talks. Other ones are just from Conference. Anything good you've studied recently?

-Essential Spiritual Agency, Elder Hales, BYU Devotional
-Why not speak of the Atonement of Jesus Christ?, Robert L. Millet
-Enduring Well, Elder Maxwell
-Temple Worship: In Times of Need, Elder Scott
-Timing, Elder Oaks, BYU Devotional
-The Will of the Father in All Things, Elder Holland, BYU Devotional
-Be of Good Cheer, President Monson
-The Rank and File of the Church, President Packer
-Waiting on the Lord, President Eyring
-Finding Answers, Joseph Fielding McConkie BYU Devotional

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  1. I had a no facebook week,too...:)Those articles seem good...I have read a few of them. I like Elder Oak's timing talk a lot.


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