Sunday, September 12, 2010

last child left at home 101

Tonight I did something I thought I would never have to do before. Remember all those times on Sunday evening when mom and dad would announce FHE in 10 mins...and than everyone would be in the living room end up waiting for them (yeah, I remember, I'm pretty sure it was an hour one time). Well, tonight, that was the case, except I had to beg them for FHE so I could go to bed. But after persisting for about fifteen minutes, I believed it was a hopeless cause. So I did the one thing I could that would gain their attention. Email them. Yes, me on the couch with the ipod touch, sent an email asking nicely for FHE.
Let me tell you, it worked. Only in the 21st century would this scenario ever occur.

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  1. Emily....thanks for being patient with your"old" parents. We love you!
    Mom & Dad


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