Sunday, September 12, 2010

a new addition to the ifamily

It is with my greatest honor to welcome the newest addition to our family. I know what you're thinking...isn't she a babe? I couldn't agree more. She is only about a month old, but has fit in quite nicely to our little family of 4 (now). She is pretty much willing to go anywhere with us, and for that we love her. She even makes mom look so hip in Relief Society, where she can nestle nicely in her lap.
Okay, fine, she's not a person, but a thing. So a few names I have picked out for her are
1. Titanic (so that when we hook up to charge on the computer, it says she's synching) :)
2. Frufru
3. Dilly
4. Orange
5. Granny Smith (after all, it is an apple isn't it?)

Any other ideas?


  1. I'm sure that was the hardest pregnancy and labor for mom :)
    So, what's it like not being the youngest anymore? How are dealing with not being the "favorite" child....jk
    Titanic is a clever name but I think I would have to go with Granny Smith

  2. emily, you're a riot...who uses it more?


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