Friday, September 10, 2010

the last first day

9 kids.
12 grades.
35 years of children being in public school.
108 First days of school for Mom and Dad.

Yesterday, was their last. I'm sure they were all sorts of disappionted to have their finale child begin their first day of school for the last time in public education. Doesn't that sound amazing? I feel like I should just repeat that phrase. But, lucky for mom and dad, I think this will be the worst senior year yet. So lets pray this year goes smoothly, fast, and well, so I can (cross my fingers) go to BYU next fall. The football tickets are calling my name (oh, and cafe rio too of course!).
2nd day!
1st day (had to wear LINK CREW shirt)


  1. I love that you are already saying that this will the be the worst senior year for mom and dad. Isn't just the first week? Oh man! I'll start praying really hard for mom and dad!

  2. Help! Is this going to be the worst year!?! Save me!


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