Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In case you were wondering what Prom looked like...

 Is that my hair or a birds nest?

 Emily Lewis & Derek Kirchhoefer

 Another hand-made formal dress. 2 down, 2 to go.

 And the earrings cost 2 dollars cheaper than the dress.

 And the blue flowers are a different blue than my dress...but oh well.
 It took me like 2 seconds to do, so it probably wasn't done correctly
 Vintag-fied. is my favorite.


  1. I seriously love the handmade dress and the pictures and the non matching flowers, your ring, the birds nest and EVERYTHING else! LOVE YA BUBS

  2. you look SO beautiful. You did an amazing job with that dress!!! You'll have to keep all those dresses for college,too! did you do your hair or have Kelly do it? Oh and I love the earrings...and I kind of like that the flowers don't match exactly. You BOTH look great! Hope it was a blast!

  3. yeah...there are no flowers on this earth that are actually the same color. Thanks...I should have gotten a pictures of my hair accessorie too since i made that. kelly did my hair and i probably had only 30 bobby pins instead of 60--like last time!


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