Monday, April 26, 2010

shake it like a polaroid

 Sorry about more prom pictures. I'm really not trying to be obnoxious, but i just found this really cool "thing" that turns pictures into Polaroid snap shots, so I've been experimenting with my most recent photos...which will soon lead to a future post of "photos of reminiscing." So here are a few favorites

Sisters, Sisters

This is just a normal day for me....

She's reached maximum ability for cuteness


  1. HOw cool!! where did you find this "thing" is it only a mac tool or could I find it on my beautiful PC?

  2. go to and its a free download. than you just drag pictures over the camera that appears on your desktop and it takes like 3 minutes for them to finish "printing" you could say out of the camera and then when theres are red little swish mark on the picture it means its done. And then you have to click on the picture. Go to the preferences on the top menu bar (for macs) and make a default destination for the pictures. Make sure you make the destination before you start placing the photos in the "camera" call me if it doesn't make sense.


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