Thursday, April 8, 2010

the quotables

Have you ever noticed that when people age...they miraculously get funnier. I can appreciate this because I live with two ancients myself.

Here have been some of my highlights lately:
Setting: mom's birthday (Easter)
Story: its 8pm Saturday night before mom's birthday and i'm napping on the couch (after i slept for 2 hours, I stayed up for another 4 hours doing hw) anyways. Dad calls me after the priesthood session inquiring on what to get for mom. Typical, huh? i told him to get an ipod touch for me, and then we could mom our old ipod(that isn't even sold in stores anymore its so old). He opted for an mp3 player instead. The next morning, she unwraps it. Stares at it. And a looong pause. Then she says, "What is it!?" Ha ha!!!! Best moment of the day! We told her what it was and what its used for.

Setting: The living room
Story: I was explaining my prom dress to mom, commenting on how i loved that it was a bit retro with the darts and pleats. Mom stops me in mid-conversation, "whats retro?" As if its an actual thing instead of a descriptive word. I told her, mom your day is retro!

Setting: The kitchen table, dinner
We were admiring how the flowers dad got for mom were almost dead for her birthday last night. When I ask, "what do yellow flowers even symbolize anyways? because red is passion, and white is purity." Julia's like, "Friendship!" Ha ha...we all laughed, wow dad, 35 years of real good friendship huh!? You guys must be like bff's!

I love old people.

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  1. Don't you love our parents!! Thanks for posting this, they are hilarious


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