Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 23, 2009

Wednesday was alot like Tuesday.

I have never been in a more crowded grocery store, where it took me 2 hours to get everything. At that point i felt like just buying the whole store so I wouldn't have to fight people through the aisles.

I ordered take out for the first time ever. Of course it was at Chinese Happiness. I wouldn't waste 2,000 (non needed) calories on anything, but Chinese Happiness.

And finally, the day ended with caramel popcorn. We made 27 bags- a record for one day. I'm surprised our popcorn popper didn't blow, since it had been working from noon till 9pm. We used 1 box of margarine. 3 cans of carol syrup. Refilled our supply of brown and white sugar. And completely stuffed ourself with popcorn.

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