Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 21, 2009

It was an eventful day, indeed.
I cooked a nice breakfast of just eggs and hot chocolate. You don't need much else in life if you have hot chocolate.

I finally began the long list of Christmas presents, which I know full well that won't be completed before Christmas. This way people will appreciate them because they will receive it after Christmas.

I ran downstairs to finish my spray painting massacre, only to find an awful smell penetrating the walls, and when i mean awful i mean a bathroom filled so much with smoke i could barely see. Yes, Julia almost caught our bathroom on fire, fine, it was accident. We forgot to tell her the downstairs washer was broken. We spent the rest of the day airing out the bathroom and my spraying painting (not so pleasant aroma).

I believe the neighbors are quite annoyed with me, since I didn't stop singing Christmas songs while outside painting. How could I not? Its 3 days till Christmas. It was one of those days, where I felt like a kid again-reflecting on my childhood and the memories of the summer days playing capture the flag, on the trampoline, or anything in the backyard. Those days will be missed.

Following my ritural of drinking hot chocolate at least once a day, if not at every meal, I wasn't careful enough and burnt my tougue bad enough to burn the top layer of skin off. It was nice to receive some sympathy from mom. :)

The day ended perfectly with the Cougs 44-20 finish over our home state Oregon beavers. It was a pleasant sight and definitly a moment to be proud to say that I'll be going there in 2 years.

And the rest of the night, Julia and I watched the best movie that has and will ever be created. Emma. I love it. Its the BBC's 2009 adaption. We watched the 4 blissful hours on youtube and I have never been in a better mood. It was grand.

Tuesday couldn't have gotten much better. I loved feeling like a kid again. I love Christmas.

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  1. Sounds blissful.....not the burning of the tongue part. That stinks because I'm sure it's hard to taste anything....especially all the yummy food at christmas. ps. Not to sound conceided but your day would have been even better if I was in the picture!


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