Friday, December 25, 2009

December 24, 2009

Sharing caramel popcorn is a very delicate matter. You only give when necessary (ie people who have already given to you...its kind of an obligation). However, when you want something from someone else, you are mindful to give them your caramel corn first, in hopes they will return the kindness.

We did some shopping. Of course. If a Lewis family member doesn't shop on Christmas eve, something is seriously wrong. Dad went at 2pm and saw a family friend when they shockingly said "I'm surprised to see you here so late!" Dad quickly said, "LATE! This is early...its only 2 pm!"

After attempting to clean every nook and cranny, the Caudles came over and we ate and stuffed ourselves like it was Thanksgiving again. Sadly, my pumpkin turtle peacan pie was an epic fail. The remains spilling and shedding all over the refridgator.

When dinner was done, we played many rounds of duck duck goose and then had push-up and plank contests. My idea, but i don't remember why. :)

We bundled up and went to make the caroling rounds, only to get stuck in one persons house (ou know who im talking about) forcing us to drink bottles and bottles of sparkling cider. Yuck!

We came home to read the Christmas Nativity story, and let me emphasis READING, we don't act it out anymore, or Julia and I would have played every part.

Julia and I watched the end of Its a Wonderful life and then Garfields Christmas "Its a good old fashioned Christmas down on the farm"....sorry I got alittle carried away.

I only stayed up till 1:30! Since the night before it was till 2:30. But i got alot of "stuff" (presents, shop stuff) made.

Merry Christmas and all a good night.

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