Wednesday, January 7, 2015

this was today

let me take up 9 seconds of your time.

 - the winters in Utah are just beautiful. like, completely and entirely unarguable.
- jilian michaels is the first person to greet me in the morning. we hang out in my apt. living room.
- bronson and i did really good at unintentionally having similar schedules. which I think my sisters and mother are grateful for--that means a lot less phone calls from me to them during the week. because we get to walk home together.
-i'm taking 5 classes. and ALL my professors served a mission in Argentina. does that not say something? classy people right here.
-Oh, out of those 5 classes. 4 of them are in the EXACT same class room. bronson told me I could start carving my name on the wall. i live, breath, and might die in that room.
-oh, did I mention, i really feel like i'm a college junior now. #upperdivisionclassesforever
-i made dinner tonight, and a) it was actually edible b) actually delicious c) enough to feed 4 mouths and más! thats a success. my new roommate asked if this was a regular thing. I quickly disappointed her and said, "no, this is more like a once a month thing, so you caught me on a GOOD night."
-i finally have friends now. mwah ha ha. my new roommate tactic game plan actually worked.
-i got hired for a new research project in the religion department, with some top name professors. ahem, do you want my autograph now?
-my classes are late enough that I don't even have to set my alarm. oh its been too much gloriousness this week. but, i'm already itching because i know thats going to end ANY day now.
-i made $100 on about 5 text books this semester. and then bought just one for about the same price.
-okay, this probably took 14 seconds instead of 9. my apologizes. :)

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