Sunday, January 4, 2015

twenty fourteen part dos

August 2014

i learned to do civilized things again with my two best friends, Julie and Allie. We biked to 
Boring, Oregon and back. And funny enough, it wasn't even boring ;)

September 2014 

--On the third day of school, I felt prompted to walk home a different way, and so i did as such, and ran into my piano teacher, Sister Alice Lyle and her husband, who were waiting for their granddaughter outside the JSB. 

--then... I met Bronson. But you already knew that. And I've just had only fun since then. 
case in point . 

October 2014 

-- General Conference
-- Smith Family Halloween Party (that one time that Bronson met my entire 
moms side of the family at once). 
-- Hiking the Y at night
-- Loving living with Hayley Lowder! 

November 2014
--Attending the final home BYU football games in negative degree weather, or at least thats what it felt like. Then eating Cafe rio afterwards was a worthy reward. We celebrated cheesily "2 months" that same day and went to the dollar theatre to watch "The Giver." ( I loved it!)
--That one time we were quoted in the daily universe. I've waited three years for that. 
--Driving to Oregon for thanksgiving! 
--Going to Time Out for Women with Alice-Anne

December 2014
--Finished another semester of college (and didn't do half bad either!)
--and all I had to look forward to was cute kids to play with! This is what "christmas break" looks like to people on Facebook: 

And then this was reality: waking me up at 7 am to play. . . 

mwwuah! bye twenty fourteen

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