Monday, October 1, 2012

why you are glad you are not me

don't get me wrong, i love who i am, but its moments like today that i slap my hand on my forehead, and then shake my head back and forth.

scenario1: there is an employee's only computer lab on the third floor of the JSB where the religion faculty's offices are. i work in there grading papers and answering emails. so, true to form, i plugged in my bright blue and pink head phones--they scream "Cotton Candy", but don't judge, i got them for free. So i do with what I have. I began listening to my favorite album on the internet and got into my groove of working. Next thing I know, i'm tapped on the shoulder by a guy, the tech support guy that usually works in the room but was out for a few minutes, i turn around and unplug my ear phone. before i can say anything, he says to me, "your music is coming out of the speakers."
my face flushes pink.
no music was actually in my headphones--the entire time.
awesome. luckily, he said, "don't worry, thats not as bad as the 23 year old guy that was blasting Justin Beiber, out of his computer with his head phones on."

scenario 2: I feel asleep in my 8 am class--with my mouth--WIDE OPEN. gosh. next to a boy too. good thing he wasn't cute. why?

scenario 3: i have a spin class every monday and wednesday--and i love it--seriously, i believe it is the best pre-labor technique training/conditioning there is. however i usually can go home after the class but today a student wanted to meet with me so I had to go back to the library after class looking like a sweaty pig. literally. my hair was wet. I sat down in the "booth" type seating they have. I sat there for a while, and then when i decided to leave, I stood up, gasped at basically the puddle of sweat I left on the bench seat, and just proceeded to run out of the library. only to see the guy that sat down where I was--and he is the husband of a friend from my home stake. seriously, awkward.

scenario 4: o guess thats all i can come up with right now. but this all happened in one day. and i really think scenario 1 takes the cake.

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