Tuesday, October 2, 2012

on the provo, provo banks....

disclaimer: the fact that i to the point of "giddy" over the fact that i cooked spaghetti noodles, cream of chicken and microwaved some corn, is a sad realization in Emily's life that maybe....i need to work on making dinner more. oh and for the record, the noodles are NOT cooked long enough. #collegeproblems

as of october 2, 2012 here's what you might or might not be interested in knowing....
--i've officially started listening to Christmas music. and let me add, loving it.
--i've called my sister, Julia 6 times in the past 24 hours.
--i didn't realize how dirty my shirt was until i got to class this morning. two lessons learned: turn the light on in your room and kitchen, and don't hold the mayo, mustard, relish, and 24K up against your white shirt when carrying them from the fridge to the counter.
--because of the fact above, i was [this] close to going to the bookstore and buying a sweatshirt to cover myself....i didn't.
--i use a 1990's cell phone that should not exsist but is living proof that dinasours once roamed the earth. in case you are wondering. this would be my 9th phone in about 16 months or so.

fun factoids: that won't get you into heaven, but worth noting.
--a gallon of milk weighs 8lbs and i drink one weekly.
--it takes 3 gallons of water to flush the toilet
--i wash out my ziplock bags and reuse them....just like my mom.
--if you buy the store brand chocolate chips, they are disgusting, so you won't eat them
--President Deiter F. Uchtdorf was called to be the 93rd or 53rd General Authority of the Church.

and just when you are feeling great about your relationship status as single, you come home to this everyday......awesome. thats 12 announcements if you cant count. doubling the girls in our apt.

but then you remember the good stuff in life....like admiring a nice wilting bouquet in a blender because you have nothing quite so fitting.....we like to be classy around these parts. 

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