Monday, October 15, 2012


(i might lose friends after this post)

Sometimes, okay, alot of times in college i find myself desperate.
Desperate for sleep, food, dates, more food, fun, you know.
But man, my life lately, i swear the longer i live, the funnier it gets.

1. after my recent food (or lack thereof) problem, my incredibly awesome of a sister Alice-Anne seriously saved me from my state of desperation of food. im pretty sure my roommates thought I was on the bordering line whether i needed counseling or not (okay, it wasn't thaaaaat bad). She stocked me up for...the rest of the century, giving me their "bad" homemade bread loaves (oxymoron, duh). And chicken, and jam, brownie and cake mix, and wheat mix. i've basically got my 3 month food storage now--and its never tasted sooooo good. seriously, my roommates were jealous when they found out all that my sister did for me, she rocks, seriously. and she writes on a pretty great blog too!

2. for my job I have to teach 2 review sessions for Book of Mormon. I honestly did not have a second during the weekend to study for what I was suppose to teach, so today in my spin class, you can probably laugh and imagine my sweating and panting, while reading a test and quizzing myself.

3. I knew today was going to be long on campus so i brought dinner with me, since I didn't have much time to prepare somehting. So i stuck a package of top-raman (uncooked), in a piece of tuperware and brought it with me. I pulled it out, took of the wrapper, set it in my tuperware, when I placed my textbook on the table (next to the container, or so I thought) with the lip of the book slammed down on the edge of the tuperware--and you can probably guess what was next. You know the law of physics. The top raman went flying, yes, flying out of my container, and onto the floor of the Jesse Knight Building. Awesome. Well, I was desperate, and so.....all i have to say for myself is, 5 second rule right?! ;)

4. Sometimes I think people are desperate for me to shave my legs more often then once a month. But, then, this is what happens. You end up shaving off skin into the shape of Hawaii or Japan, or something really,

5. Sometimes I think my roommate Hannah and I are desperate for......a chance to be crazy. Don't worry, we took are of that this weekend when we watched our roommate Lauren, who is apart of Divine Comedy.


  1. so glad A-A saved you. I thought you were going to wither and die with every blog post that i read


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