Sunday, September 16, 2012

setting PR's over here

Okay, so there is one thing you should know about me: i'm pretty competitive. shocker, eh?

So, when I first heard that my sister and her husband were newly married and wanted to save money on their water bill, so they would keep a paper in their bathroom to record how fast their showers were, to see who could finish the fastest, it spurred an interest in me. so yes, even though I'm not racing another person, i'm racing myself and like to see how fast i can do, regular, normal, mundane things. a) this just keeps me sane--because we all need more fun in our life. b) if i can get done faster with the lame things, it means i have time to do the fun things! kinda.

so heres my recent states:

--grocery store trip to Smith's: 7 mins. the best part: if i don't buy any more groceries this grocery bill will have been, ready, $30! stoked! I'm also trying to keep everything in my budget big time. oh, and if you are thinking, duh it took you 7 mins, because you probably got nothing. think again, i got enough groceries for 2 weeks.

--shower: 2:10 seconds. okay, so because I have been in this timing session lately, it does mean shaving my legs gets overlooked, but don't worry, thats why "burr-season" is coming soon.

--shower today: 90 seconds. why? WE DON'T HAVE HOT WATER. you pay for what you get, and i pay the cheapest rent in provo.

--4 page paper: 45 mins sucka! who says you need to proof read? ;)

yeah, this was nothing intellectually stimulating by any means, but its just recording em in the real day life. :)


  1. Just for you, I will start to try to get my showers shorter ;)

  2. that's awesome...I could use some racing to shorten my showers around here. how are you surviving on $30 grocery bill? Please enlighten! are you getting real food or just cheerios and chocolate chips? :) 7 minutes in the grocery store if very impressive.

  3. HAHA!!! I Love Meredith's comment:) I am always racing in the shower, competing with myself to be faster than I was the last time. Of course, the only person I can brag about it to is the husband, and I'm not sure that he cares that much. Oh well...


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