Friday, September 14, 2012

a few observations

somedays....somedays, you just need to eat a cookie or two for breakfast.

the one sure fire way to enjoy doing dishes is to watch "While You Were Sleeping" on YouTube and then proceed to quote the entire thing.

if you want to know what its like to feel married, spend 12+ hours straight with your computer doing the following: grading 408 freshman students essays, writing a paper 2 hours prior to class, answering emails up the wazoo, etc.

if there is something you really don't want to see, you'll probably see only that. like couples holding hands, seriously, get a room or something. and to make matters worse, I'm at the byzoo, the dating/marriage capital of the world.

last night, i came home to my apt to find a shopping cart outside. oh the possibilities....garbage take-r-outer, plant holder, laundry basket, just think of how resourceful this could be!

and lastly, a feel good treat, toast with pb&j, wins my heart every time.

okay, so you only live once right? don't worry, i didn't drive. my part was to scream the entire time.


  1. HEY! I was just thinkin' that I should watch "While You Were Sleeping."

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