Tuesday, September 25, 2012

on a tuesday

I'm going on this kick of taking pictures of all my food. Its just a warm-up for when i get the new iphone 5 and i'll be able to instagram everything.

I've always hated instagram, well, until I realized that I was going to have an iphone, and then shoot, i now love instagram. Anyways, that was entirely irrelevant. In other news....

1. I applied for my first internship. Which if i receive it, what it really means is that the heavens opened up, the universe aligned together, and emily just became the worlds luckiest woman. if not, i'll apply again next year.

2. these past two days have meant no lunches for emily. (read: i ate my lunch at 9:15am on monday, because i was so hungry after my 8am class. secondly, i just don't have food left.)
however, because God loves me, the David O. McKay building was handing out FREE (my favorite word) ice cream at noon on Monday and Tuesday which meant...EMILY GOT 2 FREE LUNCHES. shut the front door.

3.  I have a tendency to ALWAYS look at the clock at 12:34 and 9:11, I swear.

4. Only 10 more days until General Conference, and I am stoked.

5. You should all do whatever it takes to watch today's devotional. it was marvelous. i love his upbeat attitude. and optimism. life is good!

the best part, was on Monday, when this sweet old professor was scooping my ice cream, I thanked him repeatedly to the point it was probably annoying, because i was so excited to actually have lunch, that he gave me an extra large scoop on top. bless that man's heart. 


  1. First of all, you look cute. Love the sweater (when is that coming my way? jk). Second, Emily, ICE CREAM does not count as lunch. Okay, it is a dairy product. Let's talk about real food and how to fill you up when you're here at Conference. :) Third, what is this amazing internship. Tell more!

  2. oh, and very cool about the iphone! when is that coming your way?

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