Thursday, September 27, 2012

don't judge.

you want a sneak peak into whats sitting in my kitchen cupboard? my guest.
just don't expect me to feed you dinner. :)

So my sister Ondalynn, she was a saint and gave me that LARGE container of PB. Which was truly a blessing, because it has kept me large and living this semester. its like my blood. i eat it everyday. 

and then you'll notice i have a packet of oatmeal left (tomorrows breakfast). then packages of onion soup mix, but nothing to put it on. i do have cream of chicken. but, we all know i'm never really good at cooking that. and i have 0% food in the fridge. absolutely gone. 

there are few items of food that are communal for the apt. like popcorn and goldfish, so those have been  my daily sustance for this week--which probably isn't ideal considering i have 3 test this week. 

its okay. only 4 more days before i can grocery shopping! 
people think i am so strange--and i would agree--but how fun is this challenge! i love it!


  1. Emily, these posts are KILLING me. 4 days? ditch your challenge. Your body needs food!!!

  2. I think you need some Alice-Anne intervention. Next weekend...let's get you some basics for that sad looking pantry!!

  3. And this is why I'm trying to scavenge free food for you! You're killing me! Don't become like that guy in my mom's college class who literally died because he wasn't getting enough nutrients. K? K. haha but really, you're great :)

  4. I think I might just have to send you a care package or something-that is one sad looking cupboard!

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