Friday, June 15, 2012

what a day

Look what cousin Becca Smith gave me yesterday (i've been wanting one for 7.58 years) :) Seriously, I am in love. If it was socially acceptable to wear the same shirt every day for the rest of your life, i totally would. But since its not, I guess i'll just have to wear it everyday this week and hope no one notices. :) 

It was such a neat experience being in the temple yesterday morning. Despite what I had ahead of me that day, I couldn't even think of what I was suppose to do. I've always learned that the Temple is a Place of Peace, but, I think this was the first time I truly recognized that peace and calmness of it yesterday. And...of course, I became confused and unsure about my final later that day and questioning  life decisions and stressed and everything in between when I got home. So lesson learned: Always go to the Temple.

I came home and studied for the last final and went to work. Its truly sad its my last day today. I've spent an entire year at the MTC. I can hardly believe. First as a cafeteria worker, second as a bookstore cashier. I am really sad to see this job go. I am going to miss working with the missionaries and I am going to miss working with my co-workers. Its always a ton of fun. I'm truly going to miss that place, but other experiences await me elsewhere. 

My last final was The Living Prophets. I can now tell you what ever single member of the First Presidency and Quorum of the 12 Apostles studied in school (BA, MA, and PhD), what mission or military or both they were apart of, and some of their life changing moments in their life. 
You want to stump me? Think again. And ask me at the reunion, sibs. 
I got an 84% though. Which for me awhile ago was fantastic, but for me now, I'm alittle disappionted it. I should be happy though because as I was in line for 30 mins the student in front of me said he was shooting for a 70. ha.

This is the first time I have a break from school work, classes, activies since 2009. Granted, I start sports camp on Monday, and I have an independent study class I'm taking on line right now....but still, its this refreshing liberating feeling its quite indescribable. go set all my summer goals.....

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  1. A Lot to be grateful for! So glad to see you got a shirt! haha. I hope to see you in it next week!


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