Sunday, June 17, 2012

not just another day

happy fathers day to you, and to me sick in bed.
and....Happy 1 year anniversary to me for LIVING ON MY OWN and ENDING MY 1 YEAR JOB AT THE MTC.
what a monumental--in a sense--week for me.

On Monday I celebrated my last day of Spring Term classes. This term, I took "Pearl of Great Price" with Richard Moore and "Teachings of the Living Prophets" with Matthew O. Richardson.
I loved them both a ton for different reasons and hopefully I can upload a few more things that I learned.

Friday night after my final shift I went on a date with my friend Jake....I realized that night--and i say this in the most non-concieted way, but I think I have a really good memory. I remember the people I met, the conversation that we had, where I met them, and something about them. This was the first time I really realized that this may be something I am good at, and I know I'm not perfect, but it at least is inspiring me to develop it more and more. The Lord gives us talents and gifts, so we should develop them because obviously there is a reason that we are to use them.

Saturday I ended up getting roped into going to Wal-Mart and other random places around Provo with some friends. It was fun....but money was spent....and now i'm starting to regret walking out the door. Oh well, at DI, I was able to build up my gospel library with the following gems...
"Pathway to Perfection" Thomas S. Monson
"However hard and long the road" Jeffrey R. Holland
"Camilla Eyring Kimball: A biography"
"Glimpses into the Heart and Mind of Marjorie Pay Hinckley" <---this has been my favorite so far.

Since I was home sick today from church, in between sleeping, going to the bathroom (someone just stick a freaking catheder in my body), and drinking, I've been reading the Biography of Sister Hinckley. Don't get me wrong, I love the brethren of the church, but, there is something about learning about their wives that just inspires me to 'try alittle harder to be alittle better.' (President Hinckley).

I've also managed to watch The Inheritance three times in the past 2 days. And because of it, Edith Adelone will surely be the name of one of my daughters.

I was doing some family history on Saturday night, and while I was recording my Grandpa's story of how we met Grandma, it talked about how "Dr. Russell Nelson and his wife Dantzel" came to visit. I could hardly believe it. I had no idea an Apostle (not at the time) visited my Grandpa and Grandma in the hospital after their first child. I knew they were friends, but I didn't realize to what extent. It makes it all more interesting for me know that I feel I really know the background of Russell M. Nelson, and to remember that I have met him before too. When I was about 9 or 10 years old, the Stake Presidency was being reorganized and my father was being put in as 2nd counselor. Elder Nelson came to facilitate that. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet him the night before, sit on his lap, and he specifically called me 'his buddy'. I remember the next morning, that Sunday, singing for him in a Stake Primary Choir. After the meeting, I waited in line to shake his hand, and sure enough, he recognized me and called me his buddy again. I felt like a special little girl that day--and have ever since. I look up to and admire these men of the Church so much. I want to 'know and esteem them that labor amoung [us].' They need more than our sustaining vote--they need our sustaining lives with action in moving the work forward.

Well, Softball Camp starts tomorrow. Heres goodbye to social, and selfish time, and hello to a new learning experience!



  1. Glimpses. Love Edith. Sorry you're sick...see ya soon!

  2. YOU WERE SICK AND WE WEREN'T THERE TO NURSE YOU BACK TO HEALTH! sorry girl :) hope you're feeling better!

  3. Ok, so what is The Inheritance? And who is Edith? I feel like I am missing something big. I miss you BTW.

  4. Okey dokey, I just looked it up and will be watching it very VERY soon!!!


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