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President Thomas S. Monson

I am privileged to be in a "Living Prophets" class this term and to study not only the biographies of these wonderful men called of God, but to also study their talks. Just in case my computer gets stolen one day...i'll have at least a small record of what I have learned. 

Did you know....

--When he was born on August 21, 1927, his mother said to her husband while holding Thomas, "here is the next bishop." And wasn't he a bishop. 
--He was called to be a bishop at age 22 for 5 years. The main demographic of his 1,000 person ward were widows, who he never failed to visit every year at Christmas. 
--He was called to be an Apostle at the age 36--and yet still went back to school (BYU) to get his masters. How would you like to be his professor... ;)
--Something neat that others have said about President Monson, "If you have a friend like President Monson, you have a life long friend indeed."

An experience that President Monson had that really was a life turning point and what we like to call "Life Formulation" experience--His was following the promptings of the Spirit without delay. Here are 3 stories of President Monson acting and following the Spirit.

             "Never never never postpone following a prompting."

Life Formulation: Promptings of the Spirit
1--In a stake meeting and the Stake President was speaking, during the meeting, he had a distinct prompting to leave and go to the Hospital, but as soon as the speaker ended, he ran to the hospital, and she had already died, and she was calling out his name. 

 2--He was on his way to a  meeting, but he felt a prompting to go visit Ben and Emily, less actives in the stake. She answered the door and was so excited that he came….he didn't even know why he was suppose to go though. When she opened the door, she exclaimed, "I've been praying all day that someone would come but no one has....How did you know it was my birthday." President Monson went inside and prayed with them and talked to them. Ben and Emily were reactivated in the gospel. Hearts were touched and lives were gladdened.

 3--Stan, a dear friend, who was once very athletic became very ill. President Monson was swimming in the Desert Gym (which is now where the conference center is) when he had a thought while doing the backstroke, "Here you swim almost  effortlessly, while your friend Stan sits in a wheelchair. Go to him and give him a blessing." President Monson went running to his room, only to find him not there, he frantically asked where he was (thinking he was too late again like the first story) but then a nurse notified him that he was at the therapy pools--near where President Monson was previously swimming. He found Stan in his wheel chair near the end of the pool. Stan beamed when he saw President Monson.  Pres. Monson gave Stan a blessing, and now Stan has learned to walk again. Stan was in the gulf of depression….and thought even of committing suicide that day, but then at the moment he saw President Monson, and recommited to living life again that day.

Here are my thoughts of his talk in the Priesthood Session of Conference.....

“Willing and Worthy to Serve” President Thomas S. Monson

Instructions or Counsel
            “Let us be willing and worthy to serve. Let us in the performance of our duty follow in the footsteps of the Master. As you and I walk the pathway Jesus walked, we will discover He…is the greatest teacher ever to live. May each of us do likewise….” (p. 69)

            “I urge you to contemplate those duties and then do all within your power to fulfill them. In order to do so, each must be worth. Let us have ready hands, cleans hands, and willing hands, that we may participate in providing what our Heavenly Father would have others receive from Him. If we are not worthy, it is possible to lose the power of the priesthood and if we lose it we have lost the essence of exaltation. Let us be worthy to serve.” (p. 67)     

Prophetic Statements
            “How blessed we are to be here in these last days, when the priesthood of God is upon the earth. How privileged we are to bear that priesthood. The priesthood is not so much a gift as it is a commission to serve, a privilege to lift, and an opportunity to bless the lives of others. “ (p. 66)

Doctrinal Clarifications or Interpretations
            “I had learned the practical application of the adage “Do [your] duty; tat is best; leave unto [the] lord the rest…Brethren, the world is in need of your help. Are we doing all we should?” (p. 69)

Favorite Quotes
            “Miracles are everywhere to be found when the priesthood is understood, its power is honored and used properly, and fait is exerted. When faith replaces doubt, when selfless service eliminates selfish striving, the power of God brings to pass His purposed.” (p. 68)

            “There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save. The blessings of eternity await you. Yours is the privilege to be not spectators but participants on the stage of priesthood serve….’be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.’” (p. 69)


  1. We're in the same class! Isn't Lloyd Newell the most fantastic prof ever?!

  2. I'm reading his biography...what a fascinating person!

  3. I love those little known facts. I had never heard any of them before so that was fun to read. President Monson is the best, I love that man.


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