Monday, May 21, 2012

For the Mothers in this World

For all you mothers out there who think you are failing at what you are doing--sit back and embrace my love and appreciation for what you do. I commend you. Why? Because all of this happened to me in a matter of 1 hour this morning, and i don't even have children.

Oh how i'm going to be the best mother, let me count the ways….

1. In my attempts to make a decent lunch today, I began preheating the george forman grill while I went to get dressed. I went to put the bread on the grill when I realized that the extension cord--remember when our fridge went out a while ago, well the cord that is going from the wall to the fridge was inadvertenly inside the grilling portion...and well lets just say the outisde of the cord is not gone and you can now see the wires inside the cord. 

2. I went to go wash my face this morning--because i wanted to be hygienic. Oh yeah…our water was shut off for the next four hours. Convenient. 

3. I currently have 2 tubs of yogurt in my fridge because frankly one of the reasons i miss my mom the most was because she was able to just smell a food item and know whether it was still edible or not. I, rather, just leave it in there, and hope that i'll be okay. 

4. I currently have a stain on the rear end of my skirt…but i'm going to pretend like i never saw it, because frankly we don't have any water right now that i can fix it. *cough*cough* classy. 

5. I've ate the exact same sandwich consecutively for the past 5 days because i'm not genius enough to think of anything else to make. Let me tell you: Bread with cheese and a piece of turkey on the george forman. While i was trying to do multiple things at once, I went to go put on some make up while it was cooking--then i forgot about it…and came back later to find it a piece of charcoal. I still put my mustard and mayo on it…and well, i'll just bless it a few times before i eat it for lunch. 

6. I have never had my house key for longer than 3 hours. 

7. Lastly, before my self esteem is entirely shot. You should know that I have one blouse that has about 5 different large holes that instead of sewing up….i just choose to wear a sweater instead. Yep, classy, again. 


  1. you sound like you would be the funnest and dirtiest mom, ever. i would take you!

    "Bread with cheese and a piece of turkey on the george forman." why would you want to eat anything else! perfection.

  2. It's okay. When you become a mother you suddenly are given that smelling gift you need to determine what food is safe or not. Also no worries about the stain on your rear, I told a child to go get clothes out of the dirty laundry basket and wear them today, and that is not the first time, or the second, or the tenth for that matter and it certainly will not be the last.

  3. This why you will be such a great mom, bc you don't let the little things bother you!!

  4. I know I say this all the time to you, but.... BEST post EVER! I really laughed a lot. Mostly because I do all that stuff every day as well. My children just suffer along etc. I have also had kids get dirty clothes out of the hamper to wear to to school, because I was too lazy to do laundry the day before. And yeah, I don't even know how many yogurt containers are in my fridge right now. Whatever... It's all good...


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